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Selecting the Right Vendor to Properly Secure Your Construction Project is More Important Than Ever.

Your company and client are deeply invested in the success of the project. You may be tasked with the responsibility of coordinating the protection of their investment.

We know that the construction industry faces several unique situations that impact operations and profitability. Uneven cash flow, cyclical demand and relatively thin profit margins leave little room for error in cost estimation and project management. Contractors rely on effective security measures to protect people, equipment and supplies to ensure that losses do not jeopardize job profitability. Of these, items such as copper, fuel, tools, theft, job site safety, trespassing and vandalism are of chief concern.

Centurion Security specializes in protecting large scale construction projects. We combine the right security officers with the latest in electronic technology to secure your site. Using real time GPS and reporting software, clean and clear reports keep you up to date on everything that happens on your site including digital photos taken by our officers and even audio recordings if necessary.

As a Project Manager or Superintendent, you must juggle any number of issues to run the construction sites successfully. You want to ensure that security issues do not distract you from your core mission. In actuality, you hope that a professional approach to securing your projects will positively affect your business operations. Below are several security-related issues we know you want to address:

Construction Security Education:

Did you know there are 8 things you should be doing as a contractor to enhance your security and protect the job site?  Ask for one of our dedicated security professionals to come and walk your property with you and discuss these critical 8 core elements.

Deter Theft, Vandalism and Trespass Liability: 

Copper wire among other materials is a hot commodity. Vandalism to a work product can be even worse. A trespasser who gets hurt on your site will likely seek liability damages.  Centurion Security wants to ensure that you do not reduce your profits or delay construction schedules by losing inventory or having to redo costly jobs. We can help keep unauthorized personnel off of your site, ensuring it remains safe and secure.

Protect the Project:

As your project is being built, it is ever changing. You will want a security company that will evolve with your project and will maximize security efforts to protect it at every stage. What do you think will cost you more? A well budgeted security program that you control the costs of, or a costly theft, vandalism or liability suit that you have no control of? Studies show that the average liability costs to construction projects / companies would have easily paid for the price of security program many times over.


Construction equipment is not only expensive, it is essential to your ability to complete projects on time and on budget. You want to ensure that loss of, or damage to, equipment does not jeopardize your ability to meet your customers’ expectations and deadlines.

Safeguard Supplies:

When quoting projects you assume that materials purchased will be applied to the project-at-hand. If you lose supplies due to internal or external theft—you deteriorate your profit margins.

Minimize Liability:

As the contractor, you will want to mitigate liability on two fronts: reduce workplace safety issues and lower insurance costs. By ensuring a safe work environment at your construction site, you hope to increase job profitability.

Report Safety Issues:

With the vast array of mission-critical equipment on site, it’s important to observe and report safety related problems in a timely fashion.  As the contractor, you need security personnel to serve as an extra set of eyes and ears to identify potential maintenance and safety issues. Job safety is a top priority.

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